Below our feet lies a furnace. 'Geothermal', a marriage of the prefix 'geo' which means 'earth', and the suffix 'thermal' which means 'heat', refers to this subterranean heat, or energy. Geothermal resources can be harnessed in various ways to create heat and cooling systems, as well as electricity.

Recent public interest and innovations in the field have led to some confusion on the different forms of geothermal energy that are related to different types of geothermal resources. Here we have included two articles to describe each of the different kinds of geothermal energy.

High Temperature Geothermal
High temperature resources , found at relatively deep levels, are typically used for power generation and direct heating on a larger scale. More...
Low Temperature Geothermal
Low temperature resources, found closer to the surface, have recently received attention for their use in ground source, or GeoExchange Systems. These resources can be tapped to heat and cool homes and buildings. More...