Energy Converters

There are many different units used to count energy, and many of them can be found in the articles on this website. To get a better idea of how these units compare to one another we have assembled this energy converter. Type a number into any box and the converter will calculate the equivalent amount of energy, using the unit in the top column as the base unit. Mouse over each of the names on the left side to get a small description of what each of these units are.

There are three different energy converters here. Each one uses different units as the base unit. The basic unit converter is based on the widely used measurements of GigaJoules, MegaWatt hours and British Thermal Units. The fossil fuel converter makes comparisons based on barrels of oil equivalent, tonnes of coal equivalent, and how much carbon is released by each source of energy. The renewable energy calculator is based on the equivalent of a small-ish dam of 65 MegaWatts, an average wind turbine, 1.5 MegaWatts, and square metres of solar panels.

  GigaJoules (GJ) MegaWatt Hours (MWh) British thermal units (Btu)
Joules (J)
Megajoules (MJ)
Gigajoules (GJ)
British Thermal Units (Btus)
Barrels of Oil (boe)
Kilowatt Hours of Electricity (kWh)
Megawatt Hours of Electricity (MWh)
Cubic Metres of Pentane Plus Oil
Cubic Metres of Light Crude Oil
Cubic Metres of Heavy Crude Oil
Thousand Cubic Feet of Natural Gas (MCF)
Million Cubic Feet of Natural Gas (MMCF)
Billion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas (BCF)
Trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas (TCF)
Cubic Metres of Ethane
Cubic Metres of Butane
Cubic Metres of Propane
Tonnes of Anthracite Coal
Tonnes of Bituminous Coal
Tonnes of Lignite Coal
Tonnes of Sub-bituminous Coal
Cubic Metres of Asphalt
Cubic Metres of Aviation Gasoline
Cubic Metres of Aviation Turbo Fuel
Cubic Metres of Diesel
Cubic Metres of Heavy Fuel Oil
Cubic Metres of Kerosene
Cubic Metres of Light Fuel Oil
Cubic Metres of Lubricants and Grease
Cubic Metres of Motor Gasoline
Cubic Metres of Petrochemical Feedstock
Cubic Metres of Naphtha
Cubic Metres of Petroleum Coke
Cubic Meters of Still Gas
Cubic Metres of Other Oil Products
Cubic Metres of Ethanol
Cubic Metres of Hydrogen
Cubic Metres of Methanol

Converter support provided by All energy statistics compiled from the National Energy Board.