About Us

Energy BC is a non-profit educational enterprise intended to act as a comprehensive and objective source on energy issues in British Columbia, Canada, and around the world.

If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us at Energybc@gmx.com.

How British Columbia should develop its energy resources in a changing world is quickly becoming one of the foremost issues in the province's political debate. It is our belief that how humanity handles energy issues today will determine the fate of civilization over the next century. British Columbians have a responsibility to stand up and take notice of these issues at this pivotal point in history.

Unfortunately, we believe the public discourse on energy issues in British Columbia is frequently ill-informed, based on misconceptions, or subject to bias, from those both in favour of and opposed to energy development. We at EnergyBC are unavowedly unaffiliated with any political party, corporation or interest group. Our only interest is to educate. But we do approach our research with several key assumptions:

• Climate change is a fact. It is caused by human activities and urgent action must be taken to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

• Fossil fuels are finite resources and our dependence on them, especially oil, makes our economy and long term prosperity vulnerable to dangerous price volatility.

• Energy developments should only be undertaken after consultation with all those who could be impacted. Fair and transparent assessments of the economic, environmental, and societal advantages and disadvantages of each project should be undertaken, while keeping in mind the two overarching goals set out above.

• Developments should aim to bring prosperity to all British Columbians while weighing the national and global impact they may have.

To this end we have sought to inform our writing with the most up-to-date and rigorously scientific evidence, taking into account the economic as well as environmental factors when considering each source of energy.

The most successful democracies are those where the citizenry is best informed and able to make educated decisions. Our purpose here is to encourage education on these important issues and to that end EnergyBC has been organized so that specific issues can be easily browsed, and it has been written in a manner that is accessible to the majority. At the same time it is hoped EnergyBC is comprehensive enough to be a useful reference for journalists, politicians and academics. At a future date we intend to develop the contents of this website into classes to be taught in British Columbia schools.

Energy BC Group Photo: Left to right,  Charlotte Helston, Colin Etienne, Dr. Michael Whiticar and Andrew Farris
The Energy BC Team. From left to right: Charlotte Helston, Colin Etienne, Dr. Michael Whiticar, and Andrew Farris.

This project was developed by Dr. Michael Whiticar, a biogeochemist at the University of Victoria.

Three UVic students have researched and written the content for EnergyBC and put it together in the form you see here.

Andrew Farris is a UVic history student from Vancouver with a strong interest in global energy issues. Andrew researched and wrote the Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear and Wind profiles, the B.C. Energy Maps, and the Why Energy Matters sections. He contributed to the Issues pages and designed the web site.

Charlotte Helston is a UVic writing and environmental studies student from Armstrong, B.C. and resident expert in renewable energies. Charlotte researched and wrote the Biofuels, Run of River, Large Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Solar and Energy Currencies pages, as well as the B.C. Energy Usage page.

Colin Etienne is a UVic Earth and Ocean Sciences student from Calgary with a specialization in petroleum geoscience. Colin is a member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Geologists and wrote the Northern Gateway pipeline and Fracking articles, as well as doing the math behind the Energy Converter. He also provided support with fact-checking.

In addition all the members of the Energybc.ca team worked together closely to determine the creative direction of the website, with editing, and with research.