B.C. Energy Maps

We have made these maps to help British Columbians better understand their province's energy system. They help We show what sort of energy infrastructure already exists, and give clues about where future projects will likely be.

B.C.'s Electricity Sources

Electricity Sources Map: B.C. gets its electricity from a variety of sources: hydro-electric, natural gas, wind and biomass, among others. This map plots the dozens of electricity sources, including planned future ones, that run B.C.

B.C.'s Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

B.C.'s Fossil Fuel Infrastructure: While debate rages over the building of new fossil fuel pipelines, it is easy to forget that the province is already crisscrossed by a series of natural gas lines, and some oil pipelines, many built over 50 years ago. Also included are the province's coal mines and the railways and ports where their coal is exported.

Northern Gateway Pipeline

B.C.'s Fossil Fuel Potential: B.C. 's best fossil fuel reserves, in the northeast, are beginning to be run down and developers are starting to look elsewhere in the province for sources of oil, gas and coal. This maps shows the various sedimentary basins where fossil fuels could form around the province, and includes estimates of how much fossil fuels lie trapped within them.