Nuclear Power

Along with growing demands for electricity and to support efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there has been a renewed interest in nuclear power in many jurisdictions around the world. Alberta’s Provincial Energy Strategy identified nuclear power as a potential source of clean, low-emission power, and outlined the public consultation approach the Alberta government would take to determine a policy.

The Government of Alberta has decided to maintain its existing policy where power generation options are proposed by the private sector in the province, and any nuclear power proposal would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

As a first step in considering this issue, the Government of Alberta created a “Nuclear Power Expert Panel” to gather information and present facts on nuclear power to Albertans.  This panel began its work in 2008 and has submitted its reportlink to link to the Nuclear Power Expert panel report in PDF to government. ISBN-978-0-7785-6336-5

The Alberta nuclear consultation included a workbookPDF icon survey open for public feedback, randomly enrolled discussion groups, stakeholder discussion groups, and a telephone survey. Participants included 4,832 individual Albertans and a broad range of stakeholder groups. Results from the consultation were compiled into a report released on December 14, 2009.

The Nuclear Consultation report PDF iconISBN-978-0-7785-6352-5
    Alberta Nuclear Consulation WorkbookPSF icon

Last reviewed/revised: 2011-11-04