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BC Hydro leans on hydroelectric power, considers alternatives

Revelstoke dam downstream view

Over 80% of BC Hydro's power comes from the Peace, Columbia rivers

When people think about the generation of electricity, they often think about dams. But although 90% of BC Hydro's generation is produced by hydroelectric means, we have to work hard to balance our customer's energy needs with the concerns of the environment.

We are investigating alternative sources of energy, like wind and wave power, in addition to using natural gas and thermal power to round out our generation portfolio.

Over 80% of BC Hydro's installed generating capacity is at hydroelectric installations in the Peace and Columbia river basins.

Please see our Hydro to Home interactive feature to learn about the basics of how BC Hydro uses water to power the province of B.C.

See our Regeneration interactive feature to you can learn about some of the projects that are underway as we build meet the growing electricity needs of B.C.

About our generating stations

The GM Shrum and Peace Canyon generating stations on the Peace River produced 29% of BC Hydro's electricity requirements. In the Columbia River Basin, Mica and Revelstoke hydroelectric plants together contributed 25%, while Kootenay Canal and Seven Mile generating stations together supplied 10%.

The remaining 25 hydroelectric generating stations supplied 14% of electricity production. One of our other generation strategies is thermal. The Burrard Thermal Generating Station contributes 7.5% and the remaining 14.5% of the electricity requirement was supplied by purchases and other transactions.

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Last Modified: Apr 18, 2012


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